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I don’t know what to do!

Training is being awful in the last couple weeks. I’ve injured my left thigh and my right foot. 

The pain is terrible. I should stop training for a while to recover myself but I can’t. My belt exam is in 18 days and I’m going to a competition in Chile in a month.

But if my pain continues I’m not going to be able to improve my abilities and it won’t compensate.

I have no idea on what I’m going to do

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I may go to Chile to compete on October

I’m so excited! I hope my parents let me go :)

I’ve injured my Achilles tendon

The pain.

This is being an awesome day

Just got back from my Taekwondo class

And at 8:30 pm I’m going back there to another class

3 hours of Taekwondo in one day! This must be heaven

Just got back from my Taekwondo Belt Test. I’m so happy!

My Master thanked me for being his student :D (and all this time I though he didn’t like very much)

It couldn’t have been better! 

And also, I got an A on my Taekwondo writing test

Taekwondo competition on Sunday

I don’t think I’m ready for this o.o

I injured my foot today.

Ugh the pain

It hurts so much

Taekwondo’s belt test is on Sunday

I’m so nervous :/