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theoldodee asked: Hi Isabela! I know you get this everyday, but your blog is awesomely INSPIRING! :D i'm into running and all these photos of fit women really gets me worked up to train more^_^ i don't expect you to follow my blog 'cause it isn't really about fitness, mainly just random thoughts floating 'round my head, but heck, i'll follow yours. :D

Keep inspirin' baby!^_^

Oh, thank you so much! I always get really excited when I recieve a question like this.

Well, I found your blog pretty interesting, following :)

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l0st4gain asked: hey i'm charlee, and i have a fitness/weight loss blog & i hope you can check me outtt (: its: the-fitnessista

Just did and followed

fuckyeahdiversity asked: Hello!
I just wanted to let you know that while I followed you with this username, my *actual* weight loss blog can be found here: love--handles.tumblr

Oh! Thanks for letting me know.

Just followed the weight loss blog. It’s pretty cool :D

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