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breastflybackfree asked: Thank you so much for the follow! :)

No problem. I love swimming and your blog is pretty awesome! :D

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kokomostars-deactivated20121209 asked: dear isabela,
you're blog has absolutely inspired me.
its the summer and college is just around the corner for me.
my goal is to become healthier by the time college starts: by this i mean losing weight and feeling amazing about myself.
every morning i wake up tired and lazy, and even though i promise myself the night before that the next day i WILL exercise, or i WILL practice healthier habits , the next day never comes.
i guess it doesn't help that i seem to procrastinate.
what can i do to help focusing more on my goal and to change my mindset?
much love,
Brydgett(aka kokomostars)

Thank you! Sorry for the super late answer.

The best thing is to set easy goals. Goals that you know you can achieve in a relatively short time. Set things to buy or to do when you achieve them. Like a new bike, per example. Reward yourself for your hard work and visualize yourself achieving the goal.

Achievable Goals = Positive Mindset = Positive Expectation

It’s also good to talk about what you want with friends or family. You can even write a journal about it. Write about your progress and things that are making it¬†difficult. When you write about things you can think about solutions more¬†easily. And ask your friends or someone to encourage you always.

Make habits. In the beginning will be hard but after you just get used to it and it gets really easy to do what you’re supposed to.

Recognize you have a choice. If you work hard you’ll get what you want. It’s not the easiest way. If you don’t work hard you won’t get it.

I hope I’ve helped. Good luck and don’t give up! Be positive and things will work out well

icandodukan-deactivated20120201 asked: Thanks so much for the follow!

No problem, your blog is absolutely amazing!

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