eatingbunnyfood asked: just wanted to say i love your blog =]

Oh that’s so sweet! Thank you. Your blog is really nice! Just followed :)

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Anonymous asked: Wait how the hell is swimming relaxing?? Well yeah if it's leisurely, but competively it's stressful as hell

I think it’s really relaxing. Of course before competitions you can get a little nervous but there’s nothing more relaxing than the feeling after you compete. Especially if you win something. 

But yeah, maybe it’s just me.

freshfitnessandmore asked: i love the fact you swim <3

Oh I love swimming! It’s the best sport and the first one I started practicing. It’s so relaxing and exciting, I don’t know what I’d do without it. What about you?

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Anonymous asked: thanks to everyone with the fitspo/thinspo stuff! really helped :)

We’re here to help :)

prelives asked: I think fitspo is supposed to be short for something.
Fitspo, as in, fit + inspiration = fitsporation (sp?)
but yea. that's basically it. I hope that helps (:

Yeah, I think it does. Thank you :D

Anonymous asked: thinspiration --> thinspo

fitspiration --> fitspo



Anonymous asked: ahh i see! so it doesnt actually stand for anything

It stands for healthy habits and a better life. But sorry, I’m not good with definitions :/

Anonymous asked: help! what does fitspo mean? is it short for something?

Well, fitspo is used as “inspiration” for people to get healthy, fit and happy. It can be anything inspiring and motivational, like pictures, quotes or those kinds of things.